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Take the Challenge

Take the 50 for the Cure "Challenge" by running all 50 miles with me via Zoom between Aug. 11 and Sept. 29. Complete the challenge to qualify to win a prize!

The Challenge: Get Involved

How to Join

1. RSVP to run/walk one mile in all 50 states (you can automatically add the dates/times to your calendar)

2. Sign up below to join the Challenge Team  

What You Get 

1. You will be added to the Challenge Team page

2. I will give you a "shout out" live during each run!

3. After completing all 50 runs, you will be entered into a drawing for a really awesome prize. Drawing will take place on Sept. 30 live via Facebook.

Invite your friends and family to take the Challenge with you - to save even more lives!

Join the Challenge Team

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The Challenge: Feedback Form
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